We exist to create marketing projects that people love.

We increase our client’s brand awareness, build great customer
relations and provide a constant influx of high quality customers.


Having shared success with some of the worlds largest companies in the telecoms and media industries in the U.K. and America. RKM Global aims to increase its client portfolio in the Miami area before expanding across the States.


RKM Global Inc are experienced marketing specialists who started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. Having worked with market leaders in the telecoms and media sectors in Scotland we had the chance to expand to London in 2012.


All our brand awareness is on a face to face basis, meaning the relationship built with customers is a lot stronger and their needs are met. As our reputation grows, customer retention has never been better and customer referrals are ever increasing.

We build your brand with our experienced and fully-trained brand ambassadors.

To become a market leader in any type of industry these days, the technique of outsourcing to an expert is highly recommended.

Companies outsource in many aspects of their business which gives the following benefits;

  • Expertise in the specific area of business
  • Fully trained, professional representation
  • Experience
  • Successful results

Since the formation of RKM Global Inc in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011, we have become one of the industries leaders in customer acquisition and account management.

RKM Global works with US and international companies in the following industries, telecoms, office/medical supplies, entertainment and media.

We are a one-stop solution for all your marketing and branding needs.

Demand for our experience has increased since the President’s reputation and client portfolio has constantly grown since 2011. Having successfully completed projects with Europe’s best in Edinburgh, London and all around the UK, the focus has now changed to their US expansion based in Miami.

We bring systems and processes unique to our clients in the way we represent their brand, gain new customers and manage current customer accounts.

Our website will give an insight into the fun, exciting culture RKM Global Inc is creating through running our business and what we can offer our clients. The relationship from our clients to their customers is the most important focus for us and we feel we can create a winning situation for everyone.

We’re social.

Creating a fun, exciting and educational environment, RKM Global Inc believes having the work to life balance creates greater results. We find working hard towards each individual person’s goal as important as our clients goals. Through working together we can achieve so much more, quicker and more effectively.  Follow RKM Global on social media for an insight into the fun we have inside and outside the office.

As the old saying goes ‘work hard, play hard’, we encourage a number of different social events for everyone in our company. Crew nights at the best bars and clubs in the city are a frequent event. A chance to build strong business relationships and watch the game. Our Founder, Rohan Fernandez is a huge sports fan and being born in Chicago and raised in Scotland there is always a team on TV that he follows.

Always learning.

Our environment is fast paced and creating a winning culture is important to us. How big do you want to win? How fast can you win? How quickly can you improve yourself and your skill set? Thinking and dreaming big is encouraged, then the race is on to see who can achieve the most the quickest. Education and recognition are paired together as we grow our business.

Founder, Rohan Fernandez spent years developing excellent customer service skills in the hospitality trade and brings that culture to any client we represent. Experienced, professionally-trained brand ambassadors will represent your company at any type of promotional event or on a business to business level.

Travel and develop.

Business trips to major cities throughout the US is a common scenario with RKM Global Inc and whether your a seasoned veteran or a brand new person we encourage travel. Miami, New York, Chicago are as common as a trip to the grocery store. International travel is a must for people looking to broaden their horizons. From business trips to Edinburgh, London and Manchester in the UK, to a “Rest and Relaxation’ long weekend in Mexico, Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

We have it all for people wanting to live the fast life to success.

Discover what we can do for your business or brand.